GIG Coop Bank – Membership Program & Services

GIG Wealth is our appointed Financial Service Provider and has assisted us in the obtaining of a unique Funeral Cover for our members underwritten by Safrican. GIG Wealth further helps our members with their normal financial services needs in terms of Short Term cover, Life and Disability Cover and Investments. Our members are specifically excited about the Alternative Investments offered by GIG Wealth coupled by a clear Investment Journey that takes a member from Struggle to Significance in very affordable and doable steps.
Financial Coaching

I’m using the GIG Wealth Financial Coaching program with Jasper Cloete as my personal coach and can highly recommend GIG Wealth for their professionalism.
Cash Management

We’ve been a client of GIG Wealth since 2021 and they do the Cash Management of our Chengeta Wallet program
Members program

GIG Wealth has been working with Touching Africa since 2021 and assisted us with the implementation of our Touching Africa Membership program.
Alternative Investment Program 1

GIG Wealth has been our FSP partner since 2022 in assisting Grow My Home to develop a property investment program in South Africa and Nigeria.
Alternative Investment Program 2

GIG Wealth has been our FSP partner since 2024 in assisting Raoul Capital to raise funds whereby we can do Debt Consolidation for qualified employees in South Africa.
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